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Selling Merchandise September 29

Dear members,

Tuesday night September 30 and Wednesday night Octobre 1 the Harambee board will be selling Harambee merchandise. They can be found on the tribune directly after the first round of training.

Available merchandise:
- Sport bag with own name
- Training pants long
- Training pants men/women with own name
- Lustrum T-shirt
- Match pants
This all for spectacular prices! Definately student-proof.

If you have no time to walk by, you can e-mail your order (+ size) to  

See you at the tribune!
Board 2014-2015 
Steffie, Nadia, Nathalie, Marlou, Sietske en Vincent

July 24

Finally, on September 23rd, Harambee exists 50 years. Of course we're going to celebrate this and therefore the lustrumcommittee has been busy last year to organise all sorts of activities. Also special merchandise and Harambee-beer will be availabe.

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