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Whamtheme December 17
It's almost Christmas! On every radio station, you can hear the Christmas music and there are now Christmas trees in every living room. Santa is in the county, so maybe he will bring you a present! What do you want from Santa? The whamtheme is: All I wham for Christmas is you. Please sent in before Friday 2 pm in pdf.
HaramBIX November 21

The date of the annual BIX tournament is coming up and it will be a weekend you cannot afford to miss! So ask around for fellow team members( minimum of 1 female per team) and note the weekend of 20-21-22 of february 2015 in your agenda. It will be a weekend booked with parties, volleyball and diverse interesting activities. You can enlist on our website: The costs for enrolling are €17,50 per team member, this counts for both external as internal members. The final deadline for subscribing is 6-2-2015! Do not forget to subscribe before this date. Your enrollment is only definite if the entry fee is paid. If you have any questions, please mail to

Harambee exercises site October 14
Are you, as a trainer, looking for nice exercises?

Take a look at the Harambee exercises site: 

Yours sincerely,
Technical Committee Harambee 

July 24

Finally, on September 23rd, Harambee exists 50 years. Of course we're going to celebrate this and therefore the lustrumcommittee has been busy last year to organise all sorts of activities. Also special merchandise and Harambee-beer will be availabe.

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