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Sports lustrum tournament October 20

For the sports lustrum tournament we are looking for competitors.

Basketball at 19:00 h.
Handball at 21:20 h.

Tennis at 20:00 h.
Volleyball at 22:00 h.

E-mail your entry to 

Hop hop hop Harambee!
Ruud, Ilse, Jarmo, Onno, Ria en Nadia 

New training schedule October 18
Monday the 20th of October, the new training schedule starts. Click this link the view the new schedule:
Harambee exercises site October 14
Are you, as a trainer, looking for nice exercises?

Take a look at the Harambee exercises site: 

Yours sincerely,
Technical Committee Harambee 

Harambee mail in spam box October 2

Dear members,

At the moment a lot of Harambee related e-mails (from the board, committees, team) are in your spam box. We have no idea how this is possible. So keep a close look at your spam box for now!

Yours sincerely,

The Board 

July 24

Finally, on September 23rd, Harambee exists 50 years. Of course we're going to celebrate this and therefore the lustrumcommittee has been busy last year to organise all sorts of activities. Also special merchandise and Harambee-beer will be availabe.

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