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Birthday party Harambee September 11

Dear members,

 On the 23rd on september Harambee will celebrate her 50th birthday. This will of course be celebrated with party. Everyone is invited for this party starting 18:00 in the Sportscentre. 

 See you all on the 23rd.


The lustrum committee and the board

July 24

Finally, on September 23rd, Harambee exists 50 years. Of course we're going to celebrate this and therefore the lustrumcommittee has been busy last year to organise all sorts of activities. Also special merchandise and Harambee-beer will be availabe.

Stay keen on the site and befriend us on Facebook.


July 3

Steffie Heesakkers - President

Nadia Klomp - Secretary

Nathalie van Diepen - Treasurer

Marlou Stinenbosch - TCC

Sietske van der Honing - WS/VSK

Changes Xtracard May 13

Dear members,

Next year some changes will be applied to the current XtraCard. Not just the name, but also some features will change. For the latest info, go here.

Information on the new campuscard for non-students can be found in this pdf-file.

If you have any question, we are available for answers.


The board