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2nd round of merchandise and Harambeer is here November 27

This weekend the ordered boxes of Harambeer are here. Also the second round of merchandise!

So did you not pick up your bag, pants or lustrumshirt yet or is it here now, like the lustrumbeer? Find someone from the board or lustrum committee. 

Whamtheme November 26
It's getting colder and colder. People stay inside, because there it is warm and cozy. With hot chocolate, a blanket and the heater on, the cold will be much more bearable. It is also the time for family. Time for Sinterklaas and Christmas. Thanksgiving is an American tradtition. On 27 November, a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year and for all the other good stuff that has happened. To who do you want to say thank you? And why? The whamtheme this time is: Whamsgiving. Please sent in before Friday 14:00 in pdf.
Sinterklaas night out November 22
Sinterklaas and his Pieten are in the country again. On 4 december, the Sint is coming to the San Remo! The Sint will read a story from his big red book to every team. If you have been very sweet, the Sint maybe has some little present too. So make sure your teammembers behave, because the Sint sees everything.

Where: San Remo
When: Thursday 4 December
What time: 21:30

Important: you have to subscribe with at least 3 persons.

Subscribe your team by emailing how many people from your team are coming. The deadline for subscribing is 27 November 23:59. Otherwise we can't guarantee that the Sint had a story or a present for your team ;).


de EJC
Roland, Steven, Jaro, Sander en Nathalie

HaramBIX November 21

20-22 februari 2015 will be the days of the BIX tournament! This year the theme is: There's no business like show BIXness! During the BIX you can play volleybal and party!

You can sign in on the page:

Sign in quickly, because full=full
You have to sign in before 6th feb 2015

Lustrum Prom November 29 October 29
Due to the 50 year anniversary of v.v. Harambee, a lustrum prom is organized at Erve Hulsbeek at Oldenzaal. All (previous) members of Harambee are invited!

There will be a bus to get to the location. This is included in the price.

The costs are:
Prom + unlimited drinks = €37,50
Dinner + 2 drinks = €25
Lustrum corsage = €5

You can subscribe at the Lustrum Committee in the sports centre or by e-mailing to
DEADLINE: Sunday November 16.

Harambee exercises site October 14
Are you, as a trainer, looking for nice exercises?

Take a look at the Harambee exercises site: 

Yours sincerely,
Technical Committee Harambee 

Harambee mail in spam box October 2

Dear members,

At the moment a lot of Harambee related e-mails (from the board, committees, team) are in your spam box. We have no idea how this is possible. So keep a close look at your spam box for now!

Yours sincerely,

The Board 

July 24

Finally, on September 23rd, Harambee exists 50 years. Of course we're going to celebrate this and therefore the lustrumcommittee has been busy last year to organise all sorts of activities. Also special merchandise and Harambee-beer will be availabe.

Stay keen on the site and befriend us on Facebook.